The following information regarding our validation/verification processes:

1.Conflict of Interest and Contract Execution: An assessment of potential conflicts of interest is conducted, and a Conflict-of-Interest Checklist is completed to ensure impartiality in the verification process.

2. Nature, Scale, and Complexity of Verification Activity: The verification activities are tailored to the specific nature, scale, and complexity of the project.

3. Facility Boundary and Sources Assessment: A comprehensive review of the facility boundary and sources in the facility's assertion is conducted to ensure completeness and accuracy. This includes an evaluation of all relevant emission sources, fuel types, and activities within the project scope.

4. Data Management System and Controls: The facility's data management system and internal controls are reviewed to assess their reliability, accuracy, and effectiveness. This includes an evaluation of data collection, storage, and processing procedures, as well as an assessment of data quality assurance and control measures.

5. Accuracy of Facility Data and Information: A detailed assessment of the accuracy of facility data and information used in the facility's assertion is conducted. This involves a combination of desktop reviews, on-site inspections, and independent data validation to confirm the veracity of reported data.

6. Quantification Methodologies: The verification process evaluates the use of quantification methodologies in the facility's assertion, focusing on whether mandatory methodologies are applied and if any deviations have been approved.

7. Criteria Compliance: The verification procedures include a comprehensive evaluation of whether all relevant criteria are met.